Turn Speed Networking Elevator Pitch Into a Flow of Positive Con

Meeting 20 or more people at a speed networking event means you want to hit the highlights with your elevator pitch. This is no time for verbal diarrhea to tell everything about you, your company, your dog, your family. It's fine if you like to, go with the flow or shoot from the hip as long as you know you are sharing the short amount of time to do so. Here's how to focus and engage that enthusiasm with clarity:

1. For your introduction, after you and your company name, and if appropriate, how many years in business or geographical boundaries you serve?

2. Describe your perfect customer referral. Write it out if needed. Remember that in a typical 60 seconds we might be able to get about 175 words in - this statistic comes from my online friend, Barbara Lopez, the Elevator Pitch Coach.

3. If you have a business resource you can offer the other person - space in a newsletter, meeting room space, a Top Ten Tips report - let them know what this is and how they can get it.

4. As you get ready to move into your next conversation, don't let the current one end without stating your next intention. If you feel you want to connect further, say so. If you aren't sure, say something like, "Maybe we can talk a bit further to see if there is some mutual interest."

Even if you know the person you are opposite, offer something they may not know about you with use of the 30 Day Rule, either something that has happened to you in the past 30 days, or will happen in the next 30 days. Or, to find out more about them, either ask, what has happened in their life in the past 30 days, or what are they looking forward to in the next 30 days. As you focus on building the relationship and deepening the connection, people will appreciate your interest in making the conversation a win-win.