Shoe Shopping Frenzy

Trendy, hip, and fun - shake a little spice in that and you've got London. Around the corner there's a guy with blue hair, across the street there's a woman in a tailor-made dress, holding an umbrella to keep the drizzle off. There's fashion everywhere you look, and in the middle of it all - you.

In the shoe industry, there's tight competition. Sneakers, boots, heels, sandals, tie-ups, wedges, formal, funky - the list is endless. Within each of those there are colours, prints, styles - a million different options for your little 'ole feet. Who ever thought feet would get so much attention?

Let's narrow it down.

For the woman who likes a classic look with a modern twist, check out Skechers' line of Mary Janes. Always a favourite, these cute and comfy shoes get the attention they deserve. One particular shoe, Sassies-Simply, has a wedged heel with both smooth leather and suede material. With almost a girl-next-door-feel, there's a reason they call them Sassies.

Also from Skechers UK is the D'lites line, which is like putting your feet in woolly socks - ahhhhh, yes. The D'lites-Lollies are casual but comfortable, with athletic support and nubuck leather. They come in both black and brown, and for me, dark colours are great (it makes it so much easier to clean). For anyone who's looking to put a little more exercise in their routine, walking is a great way to do it. You might want to check out the Shape-Ups collection. They have the style as well as the support you need to get moving.

For boots, FLY London offers a fresh and modern perspective. For racy laces up to the knee, the Minx Maos Lace Up Calf is sexy, stunning and made from premium leather; this boot is durable and matches well with both pants and skirts. The leg are a cozy fit, but not so much that you cut the circulation off in your legs, which is what many other boots do when you try to zip or lace them up.

Long boots aren't for everyone, especially if you're not-so-tall. The answer for you is a charming ankle boot. The Level Laine style oozes chic with a wedged heel, raised stitching and button detail. The ultimate match with your favourite pair of Levi's, this look never goes out of style.

Too many options? FLY London and Skechers are a heck of a beginning to shoe shopping.