No Such Thing As Cheap Authentic Jordans

In my recent internet scouring adventure I found myself looking for "Authentic Air Jordan" search results in google. Now Google has a particular function which works very well for online shoppers called "the shoppping engine". Anytime you are looking for a particular product, search it in Google and click the top left link titled "shopping". This will bring up the results from various online stores who have submitted their products to Google base.

As I skim the shopping results for Retros I find that you have sites displaying prices in the low to mid hundreds, and then you have sites with prices such as $69.95, advertising them as authentic. This confuses a lot of shoe collectors and regular shoppers who are just ecstatic to see Air Jordans at prices they can truly afford.

What people don't understand is those are unauthorized copies of Air Jordan footwear. They may look exactly the same, feel exactly the same, but if you are a collector who is looking to build a collection or resell in the future, you will find yourself with the dilemma of having what they call "fakes" on your hands. However, if you are an individual simply looking to step around in nice looking shoes they by all means knock yourself out.

REAL Retro Jordans can only be found

1.) In their time of release 2.) By collectors who purchase the shoes and hold on to them as "deadstock" 3.) In their unauthorized duplicated form. Remember that the next time you see Air Jordan Retros advertised for under $100.

If you want to purchase Authentic Retros, below I have included a source in which you can find 100% guaranteed Authentic Air Jordan Retros below.