Fashion Tips For The Skinny Man

While much of the media attention is regularly focused on the ever increasing problem of obesity, little focus is given to naturally thin or skinny men, and while being naturally thin maybe a good problem to have as opposed to being obese, even less attention is given to a thin man's style and fashion. Many skinny men often have body image issues which can affect their confidence, and buying clothes which suit their body type may be a problem.

If your body type is naturally skinny, this is sometimes known as an ectomorph body type, you may have problems finding clothes that fit well and compliment your frame, your confidence maybe also be affected because of your size, but there are a few steps which can be taken to create an illusion of being larger than you actually are, which can also increase your confidence.

Firstly you should avoid slim fitting shirts and t shirts as they will draw attention to your smaller frame, but at the same time you should try and avoid tops which are too large as you will look swamped in your clothes. Pay extra attention to your neck area when choosing your top, v neck sweaters or open collar shirts may draw too much attention to your neck area, opt for crew neck sweaters and fasten down the top button of your shirt, also by choosing wide lapelled shirts this will give the appearance of your neck and upper body having extra width.

If possible opt for heavier fabrics, which is easier in the winter months, knitted sweaters and heavy cotton shirts, tweeds and corduroys are heavier materials which add bulk to your appearance, using several layers can also enhance your appearance.

When choosing a jacket, opt for one with small shoulder pads which will visually enhance your frame, but be careful not to choose oversize shoulder pads which can have a detrimental effect. Always ensure your jacket is the correct length, ideally your jacket should just cover the level or curve of your buttocks at the back of your thigh, any shorter and this will accentuate your height making you look thinner, longer jackets will make you look swamped.

When choosing trousers avoid skinny jeans or tapered trousers and opt for boot cut jeans or straight leg pants, avoid pin stripes as they can add visually to your height, while pleats and pockets can add volume and width to your waist line.

Always pay attention to your footwear, although subtle, a nice pair of fashionable shoes can detract the eye from your body shape while adding a large amount of style to your appearance.

Having a thin body frame has the advantage of being easier to dress than larger body types and ultimately, providing you acquire the correct fit, clothes will look much better than they do on your heavier counterparts. Fashion designers usually create clothing with the slimmer frame in mind, in that essence you will have the perfect body shape for many clothes.