American Idol Newsday Blog

We know how much you love American Idol. The singers, the glamor, the chance at super stardom; it's intoxicating. But who can keep up with everything going on in the American Idol universe? A Google search for the term American Idol brings up a whopping 36,800,000 results (that's 36.8 million results for those who are just seeing strings of zeros.). Well, one possible answer is a trusted news source, Newsday. These folks run the American Idol Newsday blog and they do a heck of a job on the subject.

Some of the recent articles on the blog included a story about American Idol former judge Paula Abdul (she was recently replaced on the show by comedian and talk show hostess Ellen Degeneress. More about that shortly). It seems that Paula decided to spend some time with fellow Idol alumni Kelly Clarkson (the first winner of American Idol), Jennifer Hudson (a finalist from the third season) and Jordin Sparks (the 6th American Idol) on VH1's Diva's Live show. Abdul was singing and dancing and even dressed up as Ellen Degeneress.

Other recent news of course was that Paula was leaving the show in favor of Ellen. Fans will recall that the American Idol Newsday Blog actually mentioned that the Fox network thought it was more important to tell us that Paula Abdul was leaving in favor of Ellen DeGeneres than to let us see President Obama's health care remarks ("well sir we don't have health insurance for you and your hospital bill is going to cost $200,000." "Who cares? Did you know that Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol? I'm gonna miss her. I wonder what this Ellen gal is gonna be like. I bet she thinks she's funny!")

Of course, not everything on the blog revolves around serious issues like who is going to be judging the show. At times, the blog covers some more mundane stories such as an article where they discussed the photo auditions for American Idol (you didn't really think they care only about how people sing now did you?). The favorite for the blog writers was Eliza Siep, a short haired blond girl from Chicago).

But for all the jokes and laughs we can make at the expense of the American Idol Newsday blog, the reality is that for the fans of the show, this blog is a simply indispensable tool. It will keep you up to date with all the latest gossip and news about your favorite show, American Idol.