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Gucci Fashion Belts

As said, the designer clothes and fashion accessories are just like peas and carrots, together to complete a fabulous stylish look. But if you ask me which accessories can take any outfit up a notch, from fine to fantastic, my answer would be the fashion belts which are the perfect way to introduce a chic pop of color, texture and bling to any outfits.

If you have prepared the fashion clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry for this season, I recommend you to add a chic belt to this collection, for it can emphasize and slim this very feminine zone while accentuating sexy curves. Now follow me to have a look at some Gucci belts, and I bet you will find one catching your fancy.

The first one is a Gucci women's belt with horsebit buckle and metal bead detail, embellished with nickel hardware and gray elastic cords. With a width of 9cm, it is sold at A�490. The second one is named women's belt with engraved Gucci trademark and clip buckle, which features gray elastic cords with metal detail, nickel hardware and 4cm width at a price of A�325, while the third one is more casual than previous two items. Crafted in black elastic with black leather trim, it has horsebit buckle on front and engraved Gucci trademark and clip buckle on back and comes in A�440.

These Gucci wide belts can create the most dramatic, waist-narrowing looks since they brace your body in a corset-like fashion, which can comfortably resist all the bending and sitting you are likely to do over the course of the day, thus investment on such a fashion belt is necessary as well as worthwhile.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals are the definition of comfort. This particular footwear is experiencing unheralded popularity, simply because their comfort level is through the roof. Aside from delivering exceptional cushioning, these sandals also look really nice. These are certainly "must own" this year!

There are many different features that allow the Birkenstock Arizona sandals stand on from all the others. We will discuss some of the features below.


Anyone who knows about Birkenstock Arizona Sandals will realize that these are considered be one of the best sandals about, all because of their simple style and comfortable fit. Comfort is the #1 reason why so many people continue to purchase these sandals. They do look good on the feet, but how the feet feel in them is certainly on another level.

The footbed of the sandal is made out of anatomically correct cork that helps to encourage foot health. The footbed is suede lined and it will mold to the shape of the foot. The result of this is a product that will be able to cradle and support the foot with each step. Further comfort is possible because of a Flexible 1" EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) outsole, which has great shock absorbing support and it is also really lightweight.

Other Features

This classic footwear brings double straps which each have adjustable buckles. These buckles allow for the sandal to have a custom fit. The foot in the sandal is well taken care of because there is also arch support, a raised toe bar, footbed form and a deep heel cup that has a footbed liner. All of these work together to align the feet naturally, which results in proper support and also even distribution of weight on the feet.

The footbed of the Birkenstock Arizona sandal is double layered. This means that it will be able to easily wick away moisture at the top and the bottom part gives the footwear strength. The bottom part is also great, because it makes resoling the sandals pretty easy. These sandals can be resoled years after they were purchased. This makes it a solid purchase.

In closing, individuals were looking for some really comfortable and high quality footwear should certainly check out the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals. The popularity for the specific sandals is through the roof, simply because they are able to deliver comfort like no other. The materials that are used to create these sandals are some of the best around and people will definitely be getting value for their money. This is really a must buy, people cannot go wrong with this purchase.

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