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Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals are the definition of comfort. This particular footwear is experiencing unheralded popularity, simply because their comfort level is through the roof. Aside from delivering exceptional cushioning, these sandals also look r ..........Read full article

Gucci Fashion Belts

As said, the designer clothes and fashion accessories are just like peas and carrots, together to complete a fabulous stylish look. But if you ask me which accessories can take any outfit up a notch, from fine to fantastic, my answer would be the fas ..........Read full article

Why You Should Buy Balenciaga Handbags

Never feel bad about buying authentic designer handbags. The idea of so many people saying that those knock-offs are better, is ridiculous.Many women know that Balenciaga bags are one of the most beautiful and expensive designers brands around. But t ..........Read full article

Designer Gucci Perfume and Other Fun Ideas For Silent Auctions

When was the last time you attended a silent auction? Never have? They're actually really fun-supporting a nonprofit or charity while mingling with others with similar affiliations. And you never know what you'll find. Since it's for a good cause, yo ..........Read full article

Entrepreneurship: Customer Service Lessons From a Restaurant

Our American society is becoming ruder. Yep, I said it, and I know it's true. Day in and day out, people are commenting more frequently about how poorly they are treated by their clients and customers.Our political season doesn't help. We hear one si ..........Read full article

How To Find An Authentic Gucci And Prada Handbag

For the majority of women, owning a authentic designer handbag is the perfect example of fashion, and what dreams are made of. Typically, this dream of owning a designer handbag remains only a dream, because the price is often higher than the average ..........Read full article

Nike 80s Retro Trainers

Nike is a sportswear and equipment supplier from the United States and was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Philip Knight, a track and field athlete, and his coach Bill Bowerman. Nike takes its name from the Greek goddess of victory. Based ne ..........Read full article

Turn Speed Networking Elevator Pitch Into a Flow of Positive Con

Meeting 20 or more people at a speed networking event means you want to hit the highlights with your elevator pitch. This is no time for verbal diarrhea to tell everything about you, your company, your dog, your family. It's fine if you like to, go w ..........Read full article

Dating Coach

I could sure have used some dating coaching when I was a kid. I can remember how scary it was to want to call or go visit Gwen when I was a about 13, and how hard it was to muster up the nerve.Or later on when I was 'going steady' with Kathy on Frida ..........Read full article

The Top 10 Job-Search Personal Branding Mistakes

Employers want to know why you are the best choice for the job. Should they hire you or another candidate? But here's a surprising truth: The person who truly connects with the interviewer is most likely to get the job - even over someone who might b ..........Read full article